Oil bottling

We are prepared to bottle  selected types of oils to containers as you require while you wait. You may either use your own containers, or buy them cheaply in the distribution place. This means another cost saving thanks to the discounted price of the bottled oils, regardless of the quantity purchased, saving even more if you use your own containers.

However, if your own container is used, we cannot guarantee the purity of the oil if contaminated by impurities in the container.


Current offer of bottled oils:

  • TRYSK SUPER 15W-40
    (better known as M7ADSIII)
    Type: year-round engine oil
    Type: engine oil
    Type: engine oil (older type – less anti-sediment additives compared to M6AD);
  • TRYSK SPEED 10W-40
    Type: engine oil (cars - semi-synthetic)
  • GYROL 80W
    Type: transmission oil (mechanical transmissions, final drives)
  • PP7
    Type: transmission oil (thick oil – older industrial transmissions, old car transmissions)
  • HM 46
    Type: hydraulic oil (hydrostatic mechanisms)

Is your required oil not included in the offer?

If the offer does not include your required oil, do not hesitate to contact our sales department/customer service. We will be pleased to help you with the selection and deal with all your requirements and comments. If you regularly purchase a certain oil, we are able to prepare it for bottling.