Emergency distribution

Emergency goods distribution is provided outside the usual working hours (from 3.30 pm to 7.00 am of the following working day, at weekends and holidays).

Emergency goods distribution is provided 24 hours a day / days a week / 365 days a year.


What the emergency service offers:

1. Company representative available at any time on mobile phone number given in Sales department section at Contacts tab according to relevant branch.

2. Checking the availability of the required part, or selecting a suitable replacement.

3. Distributing the goods upon agreement with the customer - to be picked up at the company branch or delivered to an agreed place.


A. This service is charged at a contractual fee of CZK 600.

B. If travel or accommodation expenses are incurred in goods delivery, the company is entitled to charge the customer such expenses in full at the below-given rates:
- Travel expenses CZK 10 per km. This includes charges for the time spent by the company's personnel  in travelling to the place of goods delivery.
- Accommodation according to real expenses incurred, but not more than CZK 1,200 per person/day.

The prices are given excluding VAT, which will always be added to them according to generally binding regulations.