Integrated quality management system

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

Integrated management system policy

We offer a wide range of high-level services while continuously increasing the efficiency of environmental protection and reducing occupational risks within permanent improvement of the IMS.

All company executives set an example for other employees.

Each of us is responsible for quality, environmental protection, and reduction of occupational risks, while continuously improving his/her work.

Since we try to maximise the compliance of our activities with environmental protection, although our activities pose only small risks to the environment, we are aware of all factors supporting the saving of natural resources. Therefore all company employees are obliged to utilise these resources in a way preventing unnecessary waste. Natural resources are the subject of our everyday efforts to save them.

The quality of our services is based on the reliability and complexity of our deliveries.

Satisfied and positively-motivated employees are the basic precondition for the provision of a high level of services. Thus we create adequate working conditions for all our employees.

All our activities are conducted with respect for the strictest requirements of occupational safety and environmental protection.

The top management of ADOZ s.r.o. have undertook to continuously improve pollution prevention and to comply with the requirements of relevant legal regulations and other requirements to which the company is committed and which relate to the company’s environmental impacts.