Goods marking

Sorting according to commodity

Commodity Abbreviation
Car parts AD
Conveyor rollers DV
Filters FT
Hoses-adaptors THA
Hoses-plugs THZ
Hose yard goods THH
Shafts PRH
Shaft sealing rings TG
Hydraulic distributors  TH Switchboard
Needle cages K
Catalogues KT
Pliers for safety rings NRS
V-belts RK
Multiple V-belt RN
Plain bearings KL
Plain casings PRL
Hydraulic hose end-pieces THK
Balls KC
Linear guidance LV
Bearings and accessories acc. to the manufacturer
One-way bearings (freewheels) LJ
Sleeves TM
MaPro-tools for trouble-free operation MP
Lubricating oils MO
Lubricating equipment and accessories MT
Lubricating greases MK
Module wheels and rods PRO
Turnbuckles PRN
Tools NR
Accumulation tools NRA
Electric tools NRE
Pneumatic tools NRP
Collars for pressing in hydraulic hose end-pieces THO
Protective woven hose covers  TH Oplet
O-rings TO
Other sealing elements TJ
Other goods  JZ
Castors and accessories KO
Safety rings PK
Bearing safety rings PKL
Strap safety rings PKT
Outer safety rings PKH
Inner safety rings PKD
Industrial couplings PRS
Rubber-metal products TD
Rubber cords TS
Rubber products TP
Cap nuts for hose-threaded joints THM
Air distribution accessories NRD
Reductions for different connecting dimensions THR
Rapid couplings and accessories  THSR
Belt pulleys PRR
Round belts RU
Flat belts RP
Flat-toothed belts RO
WARI belts RW
Finned belts (micro) RZ
Chain wheels RL
Chains and accessories RT
Link chains RV
Cutting tools - plates CTD
Cutting tools - holders CTT
Cutting tools - milling cutters CTF
Cutting tools - drill bits CTV
Cutting tools - screw taps CTZ
Couplings - for hoses THSH
Couplings - L pieces (also adjustable) THSK
Couplings - T pieces (also adjustable) THST
Straight couplings THSP
Couplings with cap nuts THSM
Motex clips, connecting material SM
Scraper rings TK
Clamp casings PRT
Sealing elements THT
Axial sealing elements TA
SKF sealing - Chicago Rawhide TG
Pressure hoses TH
Loctite pastes, sealants and adhesives LO
Fixtures for pipes and hydraulic hoses THC
V–rings other than CR TV
Rollers VL
Valves - safety, saddle, ball and other types TH Ventil
Inserts to hoses, for low-pressure and under-pressure lines THV
Rubber products PV
Cutting rings THP


Sorting according to abbreviation 

Abbreviation Commodity
AD Car parts
CTD Cutting tools - plates
CTF Cutting tools – milling cutters
CTT Cutting tools - holders
CTV Cutting tools – drill bits
CTZ Cutting tools – screw taps
Acc. to the manufacturer Bearings and accessories
DV Conveyor rollers
FT Filters
JZ Other goods 
K Needle cages
KC Balls
KL Plain bearings
KO Castors and accessories
KT Catalogues
LJ One-way bearings (freewheels)
LO Loctite pastes, sealants and adhesives
LV Linear guidance
MK Lubricating greases
MO Lubricating oils
MP MaPro- tools for trouble-free operation
MT Lubricating equipment and accessories
NR Tools
NRA Accumulation tools
NRD Air distribution accessories
NRE Electric tools
NRP Pneumatic tools
NRS Pliers for safety rings
PK Safety rings
PKD Inner safety rings
PKH Outer safety rings
PKL Bearing safety rings
PKT Strap safety rings
PRH Shafts
PRL Plain casings
PRN Turnbuckles
PRO Module wheels and rods
PRR Belt pulleys
PRS Industrial couplings
PRT Clamp casings
PV Rubber products
RK V-belts
RL Chain wheels
RN Multiple V-belt
RO Flat-toothed belts
RP Flat belts
RT Chains and accessories
RU Round belts
RV Link chains
RW WARI belts
RZ Finned belts (micro)
SM Motex clips, connecting material
TA Axial sealing elements
TD Rubber-metal products
TG Shaft sealing rings
TG SKF sealing - Chicago Rawhide
TH Pressure hoses
TH Oplet Protective woven hose covers 
TH Swichboard Hydraulic distributors 
TH Ventil Valves - safety, saddle, ball and other types
THA Hose-adaptors
THC Fixtures for pipes and hydraulic hoses
THH Hose yard goods
THK Hydraulic hose end-pieces
THM Cap nuts for hose threaded joints
THO Collars for pressing-in hydraulic hose end-pieces
THP Cutting rings
THR Reductions for different connecting dimensions
THSH Couplings - for hoses
THSK Couplings - L pieces (also adjustable)
THSM Couplings with cap nuts
THSP Straight couplings
THSR Rapid couplings and accessories 
THST Couplings - T pieces (also adjustable)
THT Sealing elements
THV Inserts for hoses, for low-pressure and under-pressure lines
THZ Hose-plugs
TJ Other sealing elements
TK Scraper rings
TM Sleeves
TO O-rings
TP Rubber products
TS Rubber cords
TV V–rings other than CR
VL Rollers