Transport & Handling

This product group includes castors and transport wheels, ball transport units, and conveyor rollers - handle materials more comfortably.

Wheels, castors

  • All-plastic furniture castors
  • Furniture castors with rubber tyres

Castors and wheels for instruments

  • All-plastic
  • Plastic or tin with rubber tyre
  • Wheel mounted as selected

Transport wheels

  • Metal or plastic disc
  • Black or grey rubber tyre
  • Wheel mounted as selected

Plastic wheels and castors

  • Polyamide or polypropylene
  • Wheel mounted as selected
  • Suitable for food processing industry

Wheels with elastic rubber

  • Tin, aluminium or alloy disc
  • Wheel mounted as selected

Polyurethane wheels and castors

  • Wheels with polyurethane tyres
  • Aluminium, alloy or plastic disc

Wheels with stainless fork

  • With polyurethane or rubber tyre
  • Polyamide wheels

Heat resistant wheels

  • Heat resistance up to +280 °C
  • Stainless fork
  • Phenol. metal or polyamide wheel

Metal wheels

  • Grey iron or aluminium alloy

Heavy-duty wheels

  • Wheels for heavy loads for pallet trucks

Inflatable wheels

  • Tin, plastic or aluminium disc
  • Black or grey tyre

Ball transport units

Baal transport units are components intended for assembling systems for handling materials. These systems allow loads to be easily moved and turned in one plane in any direction. Most types are also frequently used as castors and as supporting and travel pulleys.

Division of units:

  • Flange units
  • Units with fastening bolt
  • Units with base slab
  • Units into pipes
  • Units with bottom fastening
  • GLIDE units
  • EURO units
  • HI-TECH units
  • HEVI-LOAD units
  • DL units
  • TUFF units
  • Sprung units
  • HEAVY-DUTY units
  • CL fastening elements
  • FLOAT-ON units
  • Miniature units

Conveyor rollers

  • Smooth
  • Circular
  • Guarding
  • Disc
  • Spiral
  • Rubberised